Conquer Southern Africa's Untamed Beauty: Master Off-Road Towing

Explore the breathtaking wilderness of Southern Africa with confidence. Our unique off-road towing course, honed by 30 years of traversing remote landscapes, equips you for any safari adventure.

How to enjoy a safe and happy off-road camping safari

Learn from the experts. We've conquered the most challenging mountain passes, as seen on the popular kykNET TV series "SAFARI ROETES." Now, we share our expertise in the stunning Bothongo Rhino & Lion Nature Reserve, Gauteng.


The course has been specifically tailored for typical off-road safari conditions in Southern Africa.

The course is presented in the Rhino&Lion Nature Reserve in the Cradle of Humankind. The 4x4 trails in the reserve will be used to hone your off-road towing skills.

Topics Covered

  • Master safe towing techniques for diverse terrains.
  • Select the right gear and tackle any terrain confidently.
  • Understand vehicle, caravan, and trailer dynamics for seamless control.
  • Learn essential convoy procedures for safe group travel.
  • Gain valuable bush knowledge for any situation.
  • Master the art of off-road towing with expert guidance.
  • Keep your equipment running smoothly with maintenance and service tips.
  • Learn effective recovery methods to tackle any challenge.
  • Choose the perfect tires and optimal pressure for any adventure.
  • Conduct thorough safety checks for peace of mind.
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Jannie Rykaart :

Should you be an old hand at towing, you’re never to old to learn. Join us with your 4x4 vehicle and off-road camper to boost your confidence and abilities with a tailor-made off-road towing course making use of environmental friendly driving techniques in natural terrain.