Embark on a Journey of Awe and Wonder with Protea 4x4 Safari Tours

In the hustle of everyday life, it can be challenging to find a moment to pause and immerse oneself in nature's grandeur. But here at Protea 4x4, we invite you to experience the mesmerizing beauty of the African wilderness – a place where the majesty of the outdoors beckons you to explore, dream, and discover.

Set forth as an intrepid explorer on our bespoke safari expeditions, where we guide you through landscapes where time seems to stand still, awakening your spirit and kindling a fire of inspiration within. With us, each safari is not just a tour; it's an odyssey into the heart of Africa's untamed splendor.

With us, each safari is not just a tour; it's an odyssey into the heart of Africa's untamed splendor...

Imagine the thrill of navigating your 4x4 through Southern Africa's vast, uncharted wilderness – home to some of the planet's last true wilderness areas. Each destination we journey to is a tapestry of breathtaking sights and sounds, offering an escape that’s as exhilarating as it is serene.
As the sun dips below the horizon, partake in the quintessential African experience – toasting to the awe-inspiring sunsets with sundowners in hand, surrounded by landscapes that have captivated hearts for centuries.

The romance and allure of Africa's wildlife are undeniable, turning every moment under the star-studded sky into a memory that lasts a lifetime.

Our array of safari experiences caters to all adventurers – whether you prefer the simplicity of self-catering and self-camping or the comfort of fully catered trips. Rest assured, every detail is taken care of, including camping, accommodation, park fees, and a selection of activities designed to enhance your experience.

Nature enthusiasts, photographers, or those seeking solace in the unspoiled African wilderness will find our tours an ideal retreat. Our commitment to responsible driving ensures minimal environmental impact, allowing the beauty of nature to thrive undisturbed. And with over three decades of expertise in 4x4 training, Jannie Rykaart (owner and personal tour guide) ensures that even the most novice drivers feel confident and secure as they navigate this remarkable terrain.

Join us at Protea 4x4 for an adventure that transcends the ordinary – a journey where the wild heart of Africa beats in harmony with your own.

Big 5 Safari, Botswana

11-24 May 2024
Self Catering Camping Safari plus Activities

  • Those who get a thrill out of 4x4 driving and wildlife encounters should undertake the safari to the Moremi Game Reserve in the Okavango Delta of Botswana. Considered one of Botswana's best game viewing areas, Moremi comprises of wetlands, riverine woodlands, and some savannah. The diversity of wildlife in so many eco-systems guarantee unique sightings. Moremi offers you a combination of wetlands and savannah which allows you to enjoy a 4x4 camping safari of note.

    Our aim is to create the original safari (expedition) atmosphere of an unhurried life-changing journey to this pristine safari paradise. Moremi supports one of the greatest concentrations of wildlife in Botswana and apart from being home to herds of Elephant, it is also the range of the endangered African Wild Dog. As one of the world's greatest safari destinations, it covers nearly 20% of the Okavango Delta. This is a prestigious territory in the wild wonderland of Botswana, where the lack of fences allows for free-roaming wildlife, resident lions, an abundance of elephants, and incomprehensible room to explore.

    Botswana is definitely one of those countries in Africa that one always yearns to visit again on a self-drive, self-catering, camping safari. You will need a 4x4 vehicle with low range. You can use your off-road camper/trailer/caravan for this safari, but we do not recommend any ground tents in this wilderness area.

    Day 2 [&] 3 (12,13 May 2024)
    After an early breakfast, we travel north via Stockpoort to Maun for a two-night camping experience in Maun. Most of the days travelling will be along the edge of the Makgadikgadi Pans on the east and the Central Kalahari on the west. Several stops for fuel and picnic breaks. Day 2: Our campsite in Maun will be our base camp for two nights. Dinner can be enjoyed at one of the local restaurants (recommended) – own account – or enjoy a braai at the campsite.

    Day 9 (19 May 2024)
    Our last morning in the Moremi. This marks the end of the Moremi experience. No meat can be transported back to Maun from here. We break camp and head back to Maun. No camping tonight – a catered dinner and breakfast awaits you at the Lodge.

    Day 10 to 13 (20 to 24 May 2023) Day 10:
    Time to refuel and stock-up for the next part of the BIG 5 Safari. A ferry-crossing always adds that mystique part to a journey. The Makgadikgadi National Park is home to the second largest migration of land animals in Africa – this is just a miracle to witness! This will be a 4-night camping experience under the wide-open Kalahari skies.

Contact Jannie for a detailed itinerary: info@protea4x4.co.za or 083 268 0566

Route Sani Pass, Lesotho

20 to 23 July 2024
Premier Sani Pass Hotel - Fully Catered

  • Sani Pass is the mother of all Southern African mountain passes. Statistically and in every sense, it out distance, out climbs, and out-performs all its competitors with consummate ease to have become the most iconic gravel pass in Southern Africa. It remains a challenging drive with all the drama, scenery, bad weather and treacherous conditions expected of a pass with a summit altitude of 2 876 m above sea-level. It is now used, for the most part, by 4x4 vehicles and has become a highlight for tourists from all over the world visiting the Southern Drakensberg.

    It is here that you will find what people travel from all over the world to see – the most incredible panoramic views of the Drakensberg Mountain range. Sani Pass is still rated worldwide, as a must do gravel-pass for 4x4 drivers. The pass is not just about the steep climb, but the breath-taking views, waterfalls – mostly frozen - and a variety of mountain flowers that makes this a unique journey into the Mountain Kingdom. .

    Lesotho is classed as the highest country in the world. Lesotho’s remote and rugged countryside is spectacular in all its guises, no matter what the weather is like. The mountains have a famous almost transparent blue tone and an ethereal feel. This is normally a good time of the year to experience snow on the Drakensberg.

    Day 1 (Saturday, 20 July 2024)
    The group will meet at 17h30 at the Lounge of the Sani Pass Hotel, Himeville, KZN for evening drinks before enjoying a buffet dinner at the Hotel. This also serves to meet your fellow travellers for the weekend.

    Day 3 (Monday, 22 July’24)
    After a late breakfast it’s time to explore the Midlands. The historical Himeville Museum, the Olde Duck farmstall/coffee shop, visit the numerous arts and craft shops in the area. After a long day exploring the Midlands, we will meet again at the Sani Pass Hotel to enjoy a buffet dinner, time to share your new discoveries.

    Day 4 (Tuesday, 23 July’24)
    After breakfast it is time to head back to Gauteng. For those who still want to enjoy the Drakensberg you can travel back along the foot of the Drakensberg on gravel roads along some of the most spectacular landscapes you have ever experienced. It is a slow drive to enjoy the scenery, discover our lovely country from the comfort of your off roader. Suitable for all 4x4 vehicles and AWD vehicles. NO 4x2 vehicles allowed on the Pass, but you can still join us on the tour.

Contact Jannie for a detailed itinerary: info@protea4x4.co.za or 083 268 0566

Namaqualand 4x4 Flower Safari, Northern Cape Province

23 Aug - 4 Sept 2024
Fully Catered Safari plus Activities

  • Superbly splendiferous is the only way to describe the flowering season in Namaqualand. The amazing floral display has earned itself a place as a global botanical wonder. Visitors on this flower safari tour will experience the greatest flower show on earth with close to 3000 plant species of which more than 50% are indigenous to the region we plan to visit. On this flower power safari, we intend to introduce you to areas that you thought never existed in South Africa.

    Get ready for a lifetime changing experience of discoveries as we travel the back roads of this arid region. The Flower safari is a fully catered tour, pack your bags and head west with us for a mind-boggling discovery of this arid and desolated “outback” part of our country. Keep in mind that this Flower Safari offers a lot more than just flowers, you will be discovering so much more off the beaten path. Therefore, you will need a 4x4 vehicle.

    Namaqualand had excellent rains during July 2020 and that normally predicts an excellent flower season. We experienced one of the best flower sightings we had in many years during our visits in 2021 & 2022. Our 2023 Flower tour were just awesome with the best flower show in years.

    Day 1 (Friday 23 August 2024)
    We will meet at Lake Grappa, Kakamas (dinner/bed & breakfast) just before the Augrabies Waterfalls for a three-night stay. It is time to meet your fellow flower companions whilst enjoying dinner on the farm styled stoep of Lake Grappa.

    Day 3 (Sunday 25 Aug’24)
    Enjoy a warm breakfast after a good night’s rest, before we start to explore the area. A visit to this area is not completed if you did not visit the rugged territory of Riemvasmaak and the Rocky Mountains surrounding this area. Dinner will be served at Lake Grappa.

    Day 10 – 1 Sep will be an early start from Hondeklip Baai along sandy 4x4 tracks that will take us through the Namaqua Coastal Reserve and along the Atlantic Ocean. This trail is only suitable for 4x4 vehicles as it has a lot of deep sandy sections. A route that always offers some exceptional flower sightings and ocean views. Dinner will be awaiting us at Letsatsi Lodge.

    Day 11 - 2 Sep, we head back to the coastline after a late breakfast to visit a few small villages – Papendorp - and then a unique experience, a winery at the harbour of Doringbaai and an Abalone farm. Taste wine and enjoy a lunch on the harbour. A superb dinner at Letsatsi awaits you.

Contact Jannie for a detailed itinerary: info@protea4x4.co.za or 083 268 0566

Reflections of Nature, Chobe, Vic Falls, Makgadikgadi Pans, Khama Rhino Sanctuary, Botswana

4 - 19 October 2024
Camping Safari

  • Botswana is widely regarded as having some of the best wilderness and wildlife areas on the African continent. It is a rarity in our over-populated, over-developed world. Untamed and untameable, it is one of the last great refuges for Nature’s magnificent pageantry of life. You will be taken on a safari to enjoy one of the greatest wildlife regions in Africa. To capture some of the most astounding photographs of wildlife and habitat you will ever experience.

    The Chobe National Park is also famous for its huge herds of Buffalo and Elephant watching them from the water, especially when the Elephants walk/swim across the Chobe River. This is an excellent photographic safari, one can get so close to the Elephants, Buffalo, and Hippos at times during our private boat cruises on the Chobe River, that you can nearly touch them!

    What is believed to have been Africa's greatest large mammal migration used to occur here and, over the last decade, we have seen its gradual return. Although the landscape has changed considerably, around 20 000 plains Zebra migrate from north to south over a thousand kilometers.

Day 1 (4 October 2024)
We will meet at Machauka Lodge, Lephalale for our first night. Dinner will be ready at 19h00 in the restaurante. It is time to meet with your fellow safari companions.

Day 2 & 3 (5 & 6 October 2024)
After breakfast we enter Botswana at Groblersbrug/Martins Drift. We are off to the Elephant Heaven of Botswana – for our next two nights camping. A stargazer’s festival as the light pollutions is so limited here. Watch elephants strolling down to the waterhole from the comfort of your camping chair. Experience elephants like never before! No electricity available. Day two will be a relaxed day with a drive out to the Salt Pans to view Flamingo’s and Pelicans. Every night will be an Elephant watch, star gazing braai night.

Day 9 (12 October 2024)
We have enjoyed the lush river area, now we head into the dry Makgadikgadi Pans for a different reflection! Our campsite will be amongst huge Baobab trees, offering a lovely traditional Batswana pub and a big pool amongst Baobab trees. Sleeping under the open skies with no light interference will leave you starry-eyed and amazed about all the stars and satellite’s.

Day 11 (14 October 2024)
Explore the banks of the Boteti River as herds of Zebra and Elephants come to drink. The birdlife here is superb with some of the best wildlife sightings I have experienced in Botswana. Another braai night, watching passing satellites.

Contact Jannie for a detailed itinerary: info@protea4x4.co.za or 083 268 0566

Leatherback Sea Turtle Tour, Kosi Bay - Egg-laying & hatching of Loggerhead Sea turtles.

4 - 8 February 2025
Kosi Bay Lodge - Fully Catered

  • Come and experience Mother Nature, displaying just how complex the Creation is. You will find it hard to refrain from crying/cheering when the hatchlings finally get into the foam line and paddles out into the warm Indian Ocean. With around one out of a thousand hatchlings surviving and making its way back to the same hatching beach after 17-33 years to lay their cluster of eggs (around 450 eggs in batches of 100- 120 per session), in doing so, securing the existence of the sea turtle specie!

    Pack your bags, load your 4x4 and head out with us to witness the oldest hatching ritual on the planet taking place right in front of your eyes, and discover the endangered Palmnut Vulture.

Day 2 (7 February 2024)
It is a relaxing morning at the Lodge around the pool, lunch/dinner will be served here before we head towards the oldest rituals on the planet, in search of egg-laying and hatching Loggerhead Sea Turtles. These turtles are listed as endangered species! Once the sunsets, our hunt starts to discover the hatching of sea turtles or late egg-laying female sea turtles along this 6km golden beach – be ready to walk - with our local sea turtle guide. The protected coastline here is the only place along the African coastline that you will be able to witness this pre-historic wonder of nature. It will be a long beach walk in the dark, wear comfortable clothes, no need for shoes. But do bring your camera, water, and something warm plus your spirit for adventure as this will be a remarkable adventure that awaits you, the search could carry on till midnight!

Day 4 (9 February 2024)
After a long night on the beach, it is time for a late breakfast. An action-packed day awaits you once again. This coastal area offers some of the best sand driving experiences to hone your skills even more. Spend the day on a boat cruise to explore the 3 major lake systems in the iSimangaliso Wetland Park with interlinking eco-systems and channels. Pack your snorkel gear, cooler box for a different type of adventure. Cruising through the narrow channels with its rich bird and fish life is a remarkable experience. The boat will dock on a sandbank, allowing us to snorkel amongst 700-year-old Tsonga Fish Kraal’s and dense Mangrove trees. This is living history in its most pristine form, meet a traditional Tsonga fisherman at his fish kraal. Snorkelling amongst the Mangrove trees in the shallow lake warm water will get you amongst schools of fish, a unbelievable sighting awaits you. Enjoy a fresh boerie roll on the water before we start our sunset cruise back to the lodge. Our farewell dinner will be served at 19h00 at the Lodge.

Contact Jannie for a detailed itinerary: info@protea4x4.co.za or 083 268 0566

Namib Desert Safari, Namibia

20 April - 3 May 2025
Self Catering Camping Tour plus Activities

  • Some of the absolute best attractions in Namibia that we will be exploring.
    • Ai Ais/Richtersveld Transfontier Park.
    • The Fish River Canyon is 160km long and nearly 27km wide and is the second largest canyon in the world.
    • The Wild Horse of the Namib – there is a romance to wild horses roaming free and untamed, the ultimate symbol of freedom.
    • Ghost town of Kolmanskop, the mysterious era of diamonds along with discoveries and exploration.
    • The D707 – the road between heaven and earth.
    • Sossusvlei with the highest dunes in the world, Dead Vlei, mysterious Fairy Circles and Solitaire’s famous apple pie.
    • Swakopmund is offering us the following adventures: Living Desert Tour, discover and experience the desert like you have never experienced it before. Visit the Prehistoric Welwitchia plants, plus all the wonders in and around the holiday mecca of Namibia.
    • Camping on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, a fisherman’s paradise.
    • The spectacular Spitzkoppe at sunset and sunrise!
    • Then the famous and longest route in the world - Route Trans Kalahari.
    • To name just a few of the highlights you will experience on this safari tour.
    • REMEMBER – this is a safari tour to experience that unhurried lifestyle we all dream about!

Contact Jannie for a detailed itinerary: info@protea4x4.co.za or 083 268 0566

Explore an array of pristine dream destinations with us, each tailor-made to suit your desires. Whether you're in search of a tranquil long weekend drive to unwind and rejuvenate, or you're yearning for the thrill of an adventurous African camping safari, we have the perfect escape for you.

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